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Give it a shake, and forget about it in the closet for about a month. Break out the jug, along with the sanitizer, cheesecloth, a container to hold the liquid, and your trusty colander. Sanitize your colander, and container.

Single Barrel Rum Old Fashioned

You want something that can hold more than the size of your jug. Cut a small square of cheesecloth and place over opening of your jug, you want enough to cover the opening and enough to hold onto. Dump contents into large container through cheesecloth, so you keep all the bits inside the jug. Don't worry about smaller bits that make their way through, we'll catch them later. Lay cheesecloth inside colander and dump out the remnants of the jug. Again this might be hard if your opening is small.

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Grab the edges of your cheesecloth, give it a couple of twists and squeeze the heck out of it, squeeze it until your hand hurts, then maybe a take a break. Then go back and squeeze it again for good measure. How should have something like the next picture. Strain and toss the leftovers, unless you can think of something to make with them, but they are bitter and a mess of pulp.

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Clean and sanitize your empty jug, and add the strained liquid back in. Gelatine finings are added to beer and wine to ensure clarity. Without getting into detail, many alcoholic beverages created are going to be cloudy, adding gelatine and bentonite to wine, beer, coolers, and yes, even liquors can help create a clear and appealing product. I have had some success with clear wine using none whatsoever, so it's a personal choice.

I've had some cloudy wine before and it tastes fine, most of it is mental, so because I am giving this away to people, they probably more likely to drink it if it looks like something they can get in a store. Feel free to discuss this somewhat controversial point below, I'd be interested to hear other peoples thoughts. The stuff I used I grab from Wine Kitz, but any wine supplier will carry this stuff. While you're there why not ask them for what they would recommend for your specific project.

How to Breathe Fire

The homemade hooch community s pretty friendly. Let cool, add to jug. Forget about it for a few days, up to a week. Yup, as you can see from this picture we can see a definite improvement from the picture from Step 9. The gelatine is grabbing the particles that make it cloudy and settling them to the bottom!

Since there are still some particles, this needs to be left for a few more days. Sanitize your bottles, siphon hose, and hour hands.

Distilled 10x

Syphoning is a fun and messy skill to learn. If you have never syphoned before I recommend trying it with water first. Trust me. Possibly in your bath tub too. For those new to this, Wiki provides us with: "A siphon also spelled syphon is a continuous tube that allows liquid to drain from a reservoir through an intermediate point that is higher than the reservoir, the up-slope flow being driven only by hydrostatic pressure without any need for pumping. It is necessary that the final end of the tube be lower than the liquid surface in the reservoir.

Sounds easy, but takes some skill to get comfortable with and hold the pressure. A good point to mention here is that there is sediment in your jug, a lot. And it's clumpy, gross, and tastes horrible. With practice you'll find the finer points of siphoning, like blocking up on side of your jug to create a larger area for you to siphon from without grabbing excess sediment. Leave the sludge, dump it down the drain.

Wipe your bottles clean, and admire your handiwork. You're done! This can be drunk on its own, but I recommend using it in place of vodka in your next martini, or as shown below, with Ginger Ale, Sprite, and a hit of lemon. Well the opening of the jug was small, which made it easy to seal, but tough to get the cranberries in and out, so take that into consideration. My mashing device wasn't the best, but not bad considering I couldn't think of anything else, and MacGyver was playing in the background, so I thought I'd just go for it. I'm used to siphoning 23 Litres of wine around, so it's easy to hold the hose at the right depth, but since this jug was small I found it hard to get it just right, maybe a smaller diameter hose would have been easier.

But I'm not complaining. I challenge you to make your own, and make some mistakes on the way, it's the only way you can get better! Try it with lemons, Earl Grey tea, oranges.

Cocktails & Spirits

Really the combinations are endless. Try it with Gin also for a different twist. Let me know what yours turns out like! Have fun! Time duration: 1 month. I've made this as well. I used an old sauerkraut jar because of the large opening. I found that it can be stored up to about a year with no ill effects, the flavour does tend to mellow.

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After that it begins to turn brown. Remember, cranberries have a high acid content a preservative , your adding alcohol another preservative and sugar another, thought not as effective, preservative! I've used the leftover berries to make cranberry bread. I don't squeeze the berries as hard. The vodka cooks out of the berries. I've done elixirs like this alot, its cheap and I like the satisfaction of know i made it.

Generally I dont sweeten till the end cause some flavors are much more naturally sweet. I suggest Sobieski, Svedka, or Boru. Other then that i like that you clarified the liquid, personally i jsut use cheese cloth, and don't take anything else out, its a nice bonus for me.

But great job :. When I make cranberry sauce they split open when cooked, so that might work. You could nuke 'em in the microwave if you didn't want to add the liquid you'd need to if you heated them on the stovetop. Or put some in a large ziplock bag and go over it with a rolling pin. Or make your kids do it.

Fire Cider Recipe (Traditional Cold & Flu Remedy)

Isn't that what they're for? Reply 7 years ago on Introduction. I was recently given a vodka cookbook, and they had recipes with cinnamon apple. Being more adventurous, I wanted to try Mango and Peach. For the cinnamon apple, they had put the apple with a cup of sugar and let it sit for a couple days before adding the vodka, which was the process that I followed for the mango and peach. However, I'm really worried about the sterilization of the jars I used. What I had done was washed the jars then set them upright in a pot of boiling water. The water in the pot only came about an inch to three inches up to the jar and the jars were filled with water.

Therefore, if you need a gluten free cocktail, there are some alternatives when you make this Apple Cider Moscow Mule recipe. An autumn twist on the traditional Moscow Mule, this fall cocktail recipe adds apple flavor and cinnamon spice to the usual ginger beer for a spiced but smooth drink. Cinnamon and ginger will warm you from the inside, while the crisp apple flavor keeps it refreshing. I did know not what the devil a Moscow mule was.

Learnt something new. The link you provided goes to Ceylon Cinnamon sticks but your recipe photo shows Cassia Cinnamon. Just e-mail us your shipping address. Thanks for the information about the cinnamon. I actually just had a bottle of cinnamon sticks I use for photos so grabbed form there not realizing the difference.

Your email address will not be published. Recipe Rating. Leave this field empty. Get Weekly Delicious Recipes. Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links. Take the classic ginger beer cocktail and add fall flavors for a refreshing autumn drink that goes down smooth and easy! Prep Time 5 mins.

Cocktail Menu

Total Time 5 mins. Course: Cocktail, Drink. In a bowl mix the yeast packet with a cup of warm water and 3 teaspoons of raw sugar and wait til it froths up. Add this to the bag of mushy fruit then store in a dark place. Every day for seven to eight days pour warm water not hot over the bag then wrap it in a towel and store.