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  3. La Luce by Donna Scala
  4. The Light (La Luce)

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  5. The Light (La Luce). An Introduction to Creative Imagination.

Follow us on Instagram tastychomps. Scaligero challenges us to learn to experience the very process of consciousness, rather than be content with the knowledge of its products. His body of work will continue to influence spiritual seekers into the next century and beyond. Scaligero writes very clearly out of his own experience in a lapidary style of unusual penetration.

It is a book for contemplative reading a few pages at a time. He was a renowned spiritual thinker who drew on both Western and Eastern traditions. He is the author of The Secret of Space and Time, along with many other untranslated works. Search for:.

La luce sugli oceani (2017) - ITA (STREAMING)

The Essence of Vedanta. Brian Hodgkinson.

A Comprehensive Manual of Abhidhamma. Bhikkhu Bodhi. Advaita Made Easy.

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  • Let’s turn the light on! (Accendiamo la luce!);
  • Vedere un oggetto, vedere la luce / To see an object, to see the light?
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    #lightalks: LA LUCE

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    La Luce by Donna Scala

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    The Light (La Luce)

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