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I look forward to hearing back from you and possibly I can put something together for you in the near future. I medt this little boy one day and then found out that he was a goalie. So I came to see how good he was. He was 6 or 7 at the time, I think. He was the first goalie I worked with that made it to the NHL. Footnote: I think I corrected most of my spelling mistakes but if I missed any would you correct them for me. Totally agree with this article!

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I know a very talented 4 year old hockey player that was burned out by the time he was 5 years old! He quit the sport! My sons ages 9 and 6 love hockey and are very devoted hockey players but they also do other things all year long. Hi Jeremy, My son is 12 years old AA loves hockey! We played spring hockey this year and it was great! There were kids from all over southern ontario on our team. The coach was great and Mathew made new friends.

We are too busy with our regular hockey season to fit it in. And every summer we play 3on 3, once a week.

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We now also play floorball, with different friends and Mathew really enjoys it. My son also enjoys bike riding and skate boarding, but time outside is limited to hrs max. Do you think we are playing too much hockey? Understandable, he has a fire and passion for hockey which is great. Let him follow his passions, and make friends.

It does sound like a lot of hockey, maybe missing a hockey camp would give him a little break and a chance to recover. It is absolutely up to you though, but just think about injuries and the chance of him getting burnt out. If they play hockey 52 weeks a year for 15 years they might grow tired of it and give it up. As long as you are still having fun and your passion is still there. Playing other sports also helps balance your body out and gives your muscles a break so the 3 week break should help you.

You know what? If my kids want to play Spring hockey for a couple of Springs in a larger center and they get a higher level of hockey, experience different coaches and most importantly, they meet new friends and have fun. Im not raising a prized race horse, I am raising my kids. As a Hockey coach with over 40 years experience at all levels in cluding JR-A I, totally agree with this article.

Why you should play sports other than hockey

Suggest that they choose another sport that will help them develop their hockey skills but in the game of Lacrosse or Soccer which are two sports that will definitely help a hockey player inprove his skill level. In I took up coaching Soccer and found that several of my hockey players were soccer players as well and they loved playing. In the Fall they sometimes had to juggle a soccer game with a hockey tryout but in the end, it all worked itself out. Hockey will be back soon enough.

And so that you know I had three boys playing hockey and they all played another sport in the summertime. Thanks Ian. Would you have any interest sharing some of the 40 years of coaching knowledge on the website? If you want to write on any topic you feel strongly about I would be happy to add the article to the website. But I find it very hard to say no to opportunities for ice time! As a coach and player I whole-heartedly agree with this article.

However, I also think that some of the best training available for young hockey players becomes available during the summer months. My child plays lacrosse in the spring and summer, along with hockey camps and 3 v s3 leagues. He also plays any other sport he can get in on a pick up game and compete. Hey Jeremy, I am 15 and playing in a 4 day tourney.

I havent played skated since April. Do you think this is too much hockey? I no longer play organized soccer; I stopped this year after playing as a freshman since I was not having fun and I did not feel apart if the team, but I continue playing pick up sports and such with friends. Is this enough? Some kids play more games during their season than NHL players, and then join a summer league as well as summer tournaments and camps.

Notify me of follow-up comments by email. That is the miracle we wish to celebrate with this list. Perhaps more than anything, genius is reflected in the ability to shape one's time and place. Indeed, this may well be the definition best reflected in the present list. Because genius takes so many diverse forms, the geniuses listed here are presented in alphabetical order. Ranking these geniuses would be like comparing apples and astrophysicists. We're not suggesting that Tony Hawk is smarter than Stephen Hawking.

We're not suggesting he isn't, either. We're just saying that his name comes first in the alphabet. Disclaimers aside, consider this list a way of representing genius in all of its forms. Any good list, be it The 50 Greatest Living Geniuses or Top 50 Hairstyle Trends in , is really designed to provoke debate, incite discussion, generate collegial disagreement, and ultimately promote reflection. Born ; U. Seattle-born computer programmer Paul Allen is, like his business partner and lifelong friend Bill Gates, among the wealthiest men in the world today.

As the co-founder of Microsoft, Allen's contributions have helped to redefine the world of personal computing. He shared an early affinity for computer programming with Gates, who was a classmate at the elite Lakeside School in Seattle. After scoring a perfect on his SAT pre scoring , Allen attended Washington State University but eventually dropped out to pursue his profession as a programmer. This decision would prove a wise one. After earning a programming position at Honeywell, Allen encouraged Gates to leave Harvard and team up to found Microsoft.

This would make Allen a key catalyst to many of the innovations for which Gates was responsible, including the BASIC programming language and the DOS operating system, the latter of which would make the two men enormously wealthy.

ESPN World Fame - Top Ranking Athletes

Allen has made the most of this wealth, investing in high-growth companies like Ticketmaster, achieving ownership of more than 40 patents, and even earning a Super Bowl ring when his NFL franchise, the Seattle Seahawks, won their first title in Banksy's true identity is unknown, yet he is among the most celebrated, exciting, and important artists working today. Emerging from an underground British street scene, the graffiti artist is renowned today for his daring, subversive, thought-provoking, and unpredictable real-world installations. Presumably working by shadow of night, Banksy's earliest stencils began springing up in Bristol and London, often depicting highly provocative images decrying war, capitalist greed, and authoritarian hypocrisy.

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  7. What most distinguishes Banksy, apart from his anonymity and the fascinating mythology that it invokes, is his philosophical commitment to guerrilla art as a form of social resistance. The artist has traveled all over the world to deposit artistic statements that are as daring for their context as their content. Examples include a series of images painted on the wall separating the West Bank from Israel, depicting a ladder and children tunneling through; an inflatable doll outfitted as a Guantanamo Bay detainee and propped up inside a Disneyland ride in ; and, on the approach of the London Olympic Games in , a series of pieces collaging images of the international athletic competition with images of warfare.

    As a true testament to the artist's controversial power, his works have been often defaced, or else dismantled and removed from their original locationthe former typically an act by authorities who reject the artistic merit of graffiti vandalism; the latter presumably by those hoping to make a killing at auction.