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To make matters more complex, there is also significant disagreement among violinmakers and adjusters about the effect different tailpieces and tailpiece materials will have on sound. That said, there are some useful areas of comparison. The most commonly used woods for tailpieces are ebony, boxwood, and rosewood. Recently, pernambuco has begun to be used as well. These woods all look different but they also differ in their structure and density, which changes the effect they have on sound. These differences can be very subtle and are often open to dispute, but there may be a few general areas of agreement among a number of makers.

Guitar & Instrument Parts - Other Hardware & Parts - Tailpieces - C. B. Gitty Crafter Supply

Pernambuco tends to help and overly dark and muddy instrument become brighter and more focused. Conversely, and instrument that is too intense and hard-edged sounding can be warmed up and deepened by a dense ebony tailpiece. When a light tailpiece is desired, less-dense woods such as boxwood and rosewood may lend themselves more readily to the situation. Ebony and pernambuco can be made very thin to achieve a light weight, but doing so can make them prone to cracking.

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Perhaps more important than the wood a tailpiece is made from is the requirement that a tailpiece be the proper weight. The common impression is that a lighter weight is always better may not always be true when it comes to tailpieces. Doubtless, there are instruments on which a light tailpiece is desirably and can improve its sound.

A tailpiece that is matched with the instrument usually one whose pitch does not interfere with the pitch of the body of the instrument can give more warmth, body, and color to the sound and will help dampen wolf notes. In practice, this can often mean using a heavier tailpiece.


In any case, a violinmaker may try a number of tailpieces of different densities to find the one that works best for a particular instrument. When it comes to tailpieces constructed from aluminum, plastic, and graphite composite, the same weight criterion applies, but there are many other factors to consider as well. Fretted string instrument tailpieces are typically made of metal.

Why top wrap strings on Les Paul and SG tailpieces?

Violin tailpieces come in various shapes. Some resemble a tulip or a goblet. The common Hill style has a central longitudinal ridge that gives it a faceted appearance. Some violin tailpieces feature decorative elements, as shell inlays or ornate stylized or figurative carvings. Devices called " fine-tuners " are sometimes used to assist in the tuning of the instrument; they may either be affixed to the tailpiece or built into its design.

Most modern violinists, regardless of what other strings they use, play an E with a solid steel core, which may be overly touchy to tune with the traditional tuning pegs. For convenience in tuning, the added mass of a single fine tuner is a tolerable trade-off. Four fine tuners are advantageous when tuning a set of metal-core strings. Some electric guitar tailpieces feature a vibrato bar , which a player uses to alter the pitch of all strings at once for various musical effects.

A well-set-up instrument from the violin family will have attention paid to the tuning of the afterlength, or string length on the tailpiece side of the bridge.


In book illustration, a tailpiece is a decorative ornament at the end of a chapter or section, analogous to a headpiece at its start. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Look up tailpiece in Wiktionary, the free dictionary. Root ed.

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