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Since the Fall, the wholeness to be realized is wholeness within the limits of mortality.

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The Bible also tells us that God created man in his image — in the likeness of God and his Son. Genesis When Adam and Eve were created, they were without blemish. They had no shame because they were sinless. Genesis In the Garden, Adam and Eve were whole before they sinned. They were the epitome of the term wholeness, from a whole-person health perspective.

When Adam and Eve sinned in the Garden of Eden, the perfect design of man was destroyed. Originally created in the image of God, this image became marred, and has been marred ever since as this image has been passed down to us all. The spirit of a person who has not been saved is dead. Romans What was once a perfectly knitted and intact spirit, soul body became imperfect.

Each of us were born into this world as flawed and imperfect beings. We inherited this from Adam and Eve. Once born physically, our soul has been subjected to all sorts of negative impact from the sin present in the world. As well, our own sins and sinful behaviors create an environment that adversely impacts on our emotional, mental and physical natures and health. We call this salvation. The Greek word is sozo.

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God puts his Spirit into our hearts 2 Corinthians and our spirits then become fully alive. Throughout our life on earth, our spirits will bear the image of God — we are completely well in spirit. We are positionally sanctified from a spiritual perspective. Acts , 1 Corinthians , , 2 Thessalonians Salvation is the first step toward regaining complete wholeness — in mind, body and spirit — as Adam and Eve were before the fall.

The different parts of our soul — our mind, will and emotions — are marred. Our marred emotions, will and thinking can be transformed by the sanctifying work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. As we surrender more and more to the Spirit of God, he can work accordingly in our lives. Sanctification is a process.

Wholeness – A Biblical and Christian Perspective

We become transformed or renewed, day by day, into the likeness of Jesus. Our responsibility is to purify ourselves from all that contaminates us. We do this by surrendering more deeply to God.

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  7. We humble ourselves and acknowledge our dependence on Him. We are more obedient to his ways. We hunger and thirst for more of Christ and we die more to our self nature. Galatians , Luke This is also a process of restoration , or healing , especially of our hearts. Various issues of the heart prevent us from being able to be like Jesus. The more we allow Christ into the places of our hearts and minds, the greater opportunity we have to be restored or healed.

    Healing and restoration are a part of the sanctification process. The more healing we experience — especially on the inside — the more our lives will bear the fruit of the Spirit. As this occurs, our lives become a better witness or ambassador for Christ. As Dallas Willard wrote, in his book Renovation of the Heart , we must desire to be transformed and we must be intentional if we are to receive restoration in our soul. It will typically not just happen. Our bodies can be in varying degrees of health, wellness or state of wholeness.

    Even if they appear to be healthy on the outside, there may be subtle things occurring on the inside that are not well. And, I imagine that none of us have completely healthy behaviors all the time. Explore how with Dr. Latest Broadcast Discerning the Times.

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    Disease Control: A Biblical Perspective

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