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I recently heard from someone who wanted me to give them some coaching. Because being a freelance writer or a successful blogger is hard. Because writing for a living is tough. You have to want it, bad. You have to crave that recognition and urgently need the money your writing could bring you.

But if you have these three things — curiosity, courage, and hunger — you can write your way to wherever you want to go. What credentials do you think freelance writers need? I just stumbled upon your post and I have to say I absolutely love it! This is so inspiring, I want to print it and tack it to my wall for daily motivation. Well, feel free, Belinda! Carol, I think one thing an aspiring writer needs to possess is the ability to accept and learn from rejection. I view them as pitstops to the finish line.

3 Ways to Become a Freelance Writer - wikiHow

Fearing rejection is the leading cause of not getting rejected at all. Hi I am glad I read this article cuz I have been wanting to write freelance and be my own boss, choose my own topics. Also I have that hunger to find out more about things I wanna write about.

This helped as I have never written for anyone else. I need to turn one of my passion into success. Where do I start? Jennifer, the answer to that depends a lot on you, your interests and experience, and the types of freelance writing you want to do.

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Most naysayers are unhappy with themselves and subconsciously want others to be as unhappy as they are. First, many naysayers are not even writers; and second, these people have consistently settled and accepted mediocrity, so how would they know what it takes? I think of it like surviving in nature. The well beaten paths can lead you to water and other resources.

Which means you have to share those resources. Pave your own path while remembering where to find the main watering hole. Thank you firstly. I have found this information very inspiring. I am at the end of my tether as a single mum with very little to live on and I cannot afford childcare.

Freelance Writing Jobs for Beginners

I have hunger, need, passion, lack of confidence, the whole package, when it comes to writing. I need to practice way more as I am so rusty, mammy brain tends to melt away years of learning. Anyhow, as I mentioned above, before my path crossed onto foreign mammy territory again. Thank you for this insightful article, it has given me back some hope.

Despite how badly written this comment is, dear lord.!!!! All I can say, is that I believe that everything in my life has happened, conspired if you will, to lead me to this post, in this period of my life, today. It was the final nudge necessary to get in the ring and put myself out there. Hi Carol I have been a freelance writer for quite some time now. I now take up any kind of writing like content for newspapers, hospitals, pr communication and more in Bangalore, India. Of course I do write on my blog as well what I feel true from my soul.

It was great reading this over here. I was unemployed for 18 months and gave freelance writing a shot. I really miss writing and the lift it gave me when I saw positive responses to my blog posts or articles that I have written. After reading this article and some of the others on this website, I have decided to give freelance writing another chance but this time with the support of the Freelance Writing Den which I just signed up for.

The long and the short of this message is to say, that you have to put your fears of inadequacy behind and take a leap of faith in yourself. So with that, I believe the qualifications for a freelance writer is simply having faith in oneself and her abilities. I have college degrees but the jobs they have given me only supported me but never gave me joy and happiness like writing.

Welcome to the Den! Use our resources and you should be able to see a better outcome this time around. Look forward to seeing you on the Introduce Yourself and Share Your Goals forums…good places to get rolling. BUT, according to your 3 qualifications for a writer, I am aptly qualified! I want and need to know WHY. Secondly, the courage qualification. I know I have that. The last qualification, hunger, I have noticed in my own life as well. I can relate to many of those as well. I just want to thank everyone starting at the top, with Carol! I am a real beginner in this world, with some backstory to overcome fresh out of prison , but reading these comments gives me fire.

Jesse Jesse Moskel recently posted… Tales from the Road.

I say rather than trying to overcome your background…use it. Your unique perspective is what makes you the writer you are. However, blogging is a completely different style of writing.

Doubt sure can linger. I had a conversation with a filmmaker recently about rejection. Kristen recently posted… The Secret to Good Marketing….

Kristen, did you see my post about Jia Jiang? If writing bores you, Guarav…all I can say is good luck! This is great stuff! I have a computer programmer friend who now works as a professional artist no art degree! We often joke about feeling like frauds that will eventually be found out. Some time ago, I wrote a brief bio on one of the pages of my top-level domain blog a while ago about why I became a freelance writer.

I felt like had no choice, because I had no source of income in late Now, I aspire to reach a new freelance writing level. When I get the chance, I hope I can make it into the Den and learn more of the ropes of advancing my career. In the mean time, these posts motivate me to reach rather than settle. This seems to be a common theme lately — I recently posted on it as well as other bloggers I have referenced.

I would love to share that with others. They responded within 24 hours, and I wrote that column for almost three years.

Be a risk-taking freelance writer

Gayle Glass recently posted… Facing our Fears. I loved this post, Carol! I can definitely relate to the sense of inadequacy that so many writers or would be writers internalize. Use what you have. Shelley recently posted… Elul The things we tell ourselves often carry greater weight than rejection from outside sources and can hold us back before we even give ourselves the chance to be rejected by an editor or client. This is a post that I really needed right now. Looking up info online is so much less intimidating then having to call people.

Thanks for sharing! It is very true that a writer will blog and write their heart out if there is no other way. If you are backed into a corner with no other way to feed your family.