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We asked people working within the banking and finance sector what books they thought would be valuable for graduates considering a career in the field and these were their top recommendations in no particular order :. Milton Friedman is a key thinker and advocate for the free market, and his ideas have had a huge impact in the world of economics and finance. This books sets out strong arguments about the need for economic freedom and minimal government intervention, and argues that economic freedom is a precondition for political freedom.

For anyone wishing to work in finance or economics, this is a great book for understanding the theory behind economic capitalism and the governmental conditions necessary for success.

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This is rightly viewed as a classic text for giving people a good general introduction to value investing i. Read this book to understand where the real value in the stock market lies, develop sensible long-term strategies and avoid making amateurish mistakes.

In striking contrast to the view of Friedman above , Keynes disagreed with the idea that markets were optimised by self-regulation and argued for state intervention to promote full employment and economic stability. He was one of the most influential thinkers of the 20th century and this book sought to bring about a revolution in the way that economists thought.

Read this book to understand why key historical decisions were made and policies introduced, and to understand the context of the markets today. This is a provocative and thought-provoking book that considers the interplay of power, money and politics. Krugman predicted the recent recession as far back as , and this book develops some of the ideas around the behaviours and policies which contributed to the eventual collapse of the markets. This allows the authors to demonstrate how economics can be related to behaviour and society as a whole by exploring how people get what they want or need, particularly when they all need the same thing.

An interesting, amusing and horrifying read that provides an insight into the antecedents of financial crises and what the working culture can be like in finance. The amount of interest you gain from keeping money in an account in a year, not including compound interest.

Banking Degree Levels

Interest that applies to the original deposit as well as any newly earned interest. Typically, an interest-bearing account used to hold money for short- or long-term goals or emergencies.

Bank 4.0 and the Future of Financial Services

You can add to this account at any time, but certain types of withdrawals may be limited to six per month. APY 2. APY 0. A bounced-check fee charged to the person trying to deposit the check. The financial institution will pay what your account lacks, after which your account may have a negative balance. An account at a financial institution into which you can deposit money and from which you can write checks for purchases.

30 English Banking Terms Every Businessperson Should Know | FluentU Business English Blog

Most people use checking accounts to receive their wages and pay their bills. Financial institutions may be awash in jargon, but this glossary of banking terms should help you understand even the most confusing of concepts. To sign up for a seminar or to get more information, please e-mail financialeducation td. Ask an expert Bankers, financial planners and educators can help you become your own financial expert, so ask away!

Whether you're looking for new financial products and services, answers to questions, or you just want a second opinion, seeking out an expert can boost your knowledge and your confidence. Put your knowledge to the test Take a look at your current financial plan and see where you can put what you've learned into practice.


Keep adjusting your plan as you get more knowledge, and remember — each financial plan is different. Pair your new smarts with your real-life experience to find a plan that works just for you. This article is based on information available in January It is for general informational purposes only. It is not intended to provide specific financial, investment, tax, legal, accounting, or other advice and should not be acted or relied upon without the advice of a professional advisor.

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